At Dry-Tex, we’re dyeing, laminating, and creating the world’s finest fabrics for world-class apparel. And we’re doing it all with the environment in mind. Here are just a few of our latest initiatives.


Connected to our ERP system, all of the machinery in our new dyeing facility is completely controlled by computers. That means we can catch any issues before they arise and get the vibrancy of colors right in one shot. In addition, there are some great stats, including:

  • 40% | Water saved due to “first succeed rate” of our system
  • 70% | Water that can be re-used from dyeing processes
  • 100,000 | Tons of water saved each year


The next generation of yarn, U4E is our latest stretchy, quick-drying fiber developed with 100% post-consumer recycled polyester.

Solar-Powered Facilities

In 2019, we introduced solar panels to our facilities. Converting sun light into clean energy, the panels will produce nearly enough energy to support 100 families for one year. Take a look at some other exciting numbers:

  • 1,819 | Peak kilowatts of our PV system
  • 1.5M | Kilograms of CO 2 decreased per year
  • 2.5M | Max kilowatts generated each year

Dry-Tex’s Codex Lab

If you can imagine it, we can develop it. Dry-Tex will work with you to fulfill your specific textile needs. So, if it doesn’t yet exist, we can help make it a reality. Our Codex Lab Series allows you to mix & match features from our innovative line of fabrics, letting you design and develop unique, unrivaled materials.

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